A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot of Interesting Things About Her

That means you have an open and welcoming personality, although possibly a little too open at times.it signifies that you are an open, social person, warm and hospitable.


You like hugging the pillow during your sleep. It is a sign that you are a trusting person, sometimes even too open and trusting for your own good.


If you sleep like you are lying on a wooden board, than it means you are quiet and reserved person. Also, you probably have high opinion of yourself and can be very opinionated.


The kind of sleeping position that no-one really admits to, but definitely does… the back snorer. It could be a tiny snore as quiet as a mouse, or the kind of snore that leaves little to the imagination but regardless, if you’re a snorer then you’re more likely to be irritable – all that snoring is probably waking you up and making you more irritable!

If you are a snorer, your spouse probably has many sleepless nights. Also, it`s very probable that you don`t get much sleep, as well. This reflects on your health and your mood.


your partner won’t find it rude, but sometimes it just feels better to sleep on your side! If this sounds like something you’d do, it means you are a calm and laid back person, and very trusting in other people.

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