The menstrual cycle is a different experience in every woman’s life. The color of the blood during the cycle is an essential factor that determines is everything alright with woman’s body and health. Some woman have darker and other women have the lighter color of the blood and each color indicates something. Find out what!?

Brown/Dark Red Blood

Blood that is brown or a very dark red is simply old blood. Most times your cycle will begin with this type of blood, and it may even look black. Periods start slowly, so it can take a while for that blood to actually exit, hence the color. Very dark, even brown blood is nothing to worry about and is completely natural.

Dark Red/Pink Blood

As your cycle moves towards the middle and end, you will notice the blood change to a lighter red or even pink color. Again, this is normal and is very common. This is blood that is fresher that what previously appeared during your cycle.


This is really unusual when it comes to menstruation and refers to any infection. THE COLOR OF MENSTRUAL BLOOD REVEALS ALL DANGEROUS CHANGES IN THE BODY!With this color usually goes odor, a sign that you immediately visit a gynecologist. This color is seen when blood is mixed with fluids from the cervix. But also points to the existence of any infections.

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