There are times in your life when you stop having regular sex, from different reasons.WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR BODY WHEN WE STOP HAVING S*X?It can be some sickness, a painful breakup, or you just have too many obligations, feel tired and can`t find the time.

The sexual hibernation starts with days that turn into weeks, which turn into months… Then you come to the point where you can`t even remember the last time you`ve had sex!

Sexual inactivity hurts your libido and self-esteem, but also your health. Your body reacts to this situation in the form of sadness, depression, lack of focus and libido, but also increased risk of health problems.

Here are 9 things which happed when you stop having (regular) sex:

  • You get prone to viral infections: Dr. Cory B. Honickman says that the immune system gets weaker when we don`t have sex for too long. Actually, more sex will protect you from common colds and flu.

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