You may think that a nice morning jog is the only exercise that will help you burn fat, but you can actually engage your body in doing more efficient exercises.10 EXERCISES THAT BURN MORE FAT THAN RUNNINGAlthough running is a nice cardio activity, it’s a high-impact exercise, and your feet, thighs, and knees definitely hate all the pressure it puts on them.Running will only help you burn 10 calories in a minute, which means it’s definitely not the most efficient fat-burning exercise.


Aim for exercises that target specific groups of muscles. You should also let your muscles recover after every exercise.

We give you 10 amazing exercises that provide better results than running when it comes to burning fat and toning the body.

  1. Bike sprints

If you are an absolute beginner, bike springs are the real deal for you. They are also great for people who don’t exercise that often. Work the bike as fast as you can, than pedal at your slowest pace for a minute. It’s best if you manage to alternate between speeds.

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