4 Proven Tricks to Eat Less Food

We found few tricks that may help you to eat less food and fewer overall calories. Today, we’re going to share them with you, so, just start follow this 4 rules on table and we believe you’ll have a great successful results!4 Proven Tricks to Eat Less FoodTRICK 1    Did you now that eating slower can help you to eat less? Yes, it is true! That’s because it gives time for the fullness signal to reach your brain and thereby shut off your appetite before you’ve eaten too much.


One study at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center had overweight participants eat a meal at 3 different speeds:

a) their normal rate
b) half their normal rate
c) their normal rate at first, followed by half their normal rate (normal-slow combo)

And here are results – Eating at the slower rate caused the men to eat less, but not the women, and that’s weird (i don’t know why). However, the 3rd group that combined the normal pace at first with the slower rate after that caused both the men and women to have a large reduction in their appetite and eat less. The normal-slow combo was found to be more effective than just the slow-only group.
So, the lesson is – Start at your normal speed but then savor each and every mouthful!


Did you know that the size of the plate, or even spoon can influence how much food a calories you consume? In a matter of fact, several studies have prove exactly that !

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